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Outdoor energy monitor unit for hot climate?

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  • Outdoor energy monitor unit for hot climate?

    I have an acquaintance who wants to resume monitoring the output of their inverter, as well as at least monitor the consumption of his residence, if not also individual circuits. The tricky part is the main panel is mounted outside on a pole and the ambient temperature in that part of the Middle East can be quite high at times (e.g., well over the 105F limit of the Shelly Pro 4PM). Previous energy monitor was eGauge, though that has ceased working, and new ones only have wifi networking now.

    The main panel is likely too far away for wifi, and would be inside a metal panel enclosure, so would need ethernet connectivity. I had started looking at all the obvious ones first, such as OpenEnergyMonitor, IoTaWatt, Emporia, etc, though so far have found nothing that would withstand the environmental temperature extremes and use ethernet.

    Does anyone know of an energy monitor that might work in this situation?
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