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Software for monitoring PVP4800 (with PVM1010)

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  • Software for monitoring PVP4800 (with PVM1010)

    AEI had taken over PVPowered, keeping up the web-hosted data collection dashboard.
    But suddenly that has stopped.
    I would like to find software (Mac, Linux preferred) that could collect and display the inverter data.
    Back in 2008, a post by Mike Morrow indicated that he had developed such a tool.
    Does anyone have that or similar code?

    ... Alfred n6ac/AT/

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    I am also looking looking for logging software for a PVP5200 (with PVM1010). I run a computer 24/7 for a weather station that could double as a logger if someone knows if software is available.

    I can read the output in real time with PVM Sync software I got from PVPowered years ago so I know it is possible to gather the data locally. At least I don't have to walk to the inverter and it gives a lot more information than just the total kWh.

    PVM Sync.jpg
    Mike WA5KWK