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Solar panel tab wire burned, need to be fix

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  • Solar panel tab wire burned, need to be fix

    My solar panel tab wire/buss bar that is used to connect 2 of the solar cells strings in series is showing burn marks and because of this the current flow is cut off between the cells so i am getting very low voltage output.

    Is there anyway to fix this issue without affecting the lifespan of the panel and if this is unavoidable then can you suggest the best way possible to remedy this problem and get back the panel to be showing the correct voltage output?
    I upload some pics so you can see the extent of the damage.20200304_151114.jpg
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    That looks like what happened with my BP panels a few years ago. BP chose to give me a warranty replacement check instead of fixing them. That remedy worked for me.
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      Looks like you might have water intrusion from the edge of the laminate I'd say the panel's lifespan has been compromised already. Fortunately panels are getting so cheap you should be able to replace it without breaking the bank.

      Attempting to repair the solder joint will require you to access the area by cutting into the back sheet and encapsulant . Trying to solder the connection could risk breaking the fragile tabbing by freeing it from the encapsulant or shattering the glass from the heat of the soldering iron. IMHO it's not worth the effort and will definitely affect the panel's "lifespan".
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        Panel lifespan is currently zero. Any thing you do will increase it somewhat.

        IMHO, cut in thru the backsheet and solder a new wire across the backside of the bad section of tab. Seal it up good, and it may go for another year.

        As previusly noted, the panel seal is likely damaged and moisture is in there destroying the remainder of the panel, and no way to stop that process., Plan on a new panel
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          this should be covered under warranty.
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            Originally posted by garybeck View Post
            this should be covered under warranty.
            Maybe/Some. For starters, it'll depend on whether the mfg. is still in business/making the same/similar product and then what any warranty says. I'd look into/pursue it but not get my hopes up.