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Installer offering discount for used solar panels and inverter

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  • Installer offering discount for used solar panels and inverter

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Want to move forward but really value everyone’s expert advice on this. This is what I was quoted

    We are charging you according to our Conditions of Sale and Terms of Delivery as follows:

    The solar system is sold as is with a manufacturers warranty – This system is also warranted by SunProject for 10 years for roof penetration, and system materials We guarantee the function and durability of the complete system before, during, and after installation. Sunn Project also points out that the materials and equipment used are premium top grade materials with a low degradation rate. We do not warranty against acts of God or disasters. We also do not warranty if the system is broken on purpose or accidental handle of the panels or connections, however we would still come and fix any issue or problem caused for half the cost of the normal price in case any unnatural problem was to occur.
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    Why don't you do your self a favor and get a D&B on these folks.


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      - Who's doing the installation ?
      - No mfg. warranty on used equipment.
      - No. fed. tax credit on used equipment.
      - I'd assume the seller will not be around in the future to make good on warranty claims making you live without a net if stuff goes wrong. Be careful.
      - I'd also check local building codes for several reasons. One possible reason: some jurisdictions disallow used equipment.

      Relative to my question, if this is going to be a DIY, and unless you've done it before, be prepared for a lot of bits/pieces/PITA stuff your mother never told you about. Snoop the net for design/installation books on PV. Many decent tomes exist. Don't assume you know what is required.

      At $1.54/STC W for material, no mfg. warranty and no fed. tax credit, and I'd look around and see if I could find an online seller of new equip. My guess is you might find what you need for $1.53/.7 per STC W plus freight and sales tax or less, get a warranty and new equipment that has a higher probability of being better fit for purpose. Might be worth a sniff - even if a few more $$.

      Good luck.


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        At $1.54 per Watt that is a good deal for new materials alone. One detail is missing and another is inconsistent. There are 16 panels and only one Enphase inverter listed. If indeed it is an Enphase system it should have 16 inverters and it is important to know if they are the most recent model. Secondly a charge controller was listed which is not needed in an Enphase microinverter system. I would be careful about putting up any money until at least the materials are delivered to your site or you can confirm this company has performed in the past. I would put less reliance on a D&B report and more on their last install. Things can change rapidly in this industry and D&B can be slow to report.
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          I find the statement "The system is sold as-is with a manufacturers warranty" incongruous. If they actually uttered those words, I'd be tempted to pass.