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  • Rapid Shutdown options

    Hey, Rapid shutdown requirements are making it into my territory and I'd like to hear from anyone with experience on how to best deal with it. From what I've learned so far, this RS requirement is expensive, adds a lot of complexity, and jeopardizes reliability - all in the name of some dubious added safety. I know California has largely gone SolarEdge cause of this, but when I price out doing a large 36 panel system, using Solaredge equipment adds about $4,500 to the price tag (over our equivalent, standard Sunnyboy system). Using the SMA/Tigo RS4 stuff is about half that, but still way more than my customers want to pay. If the NFPA wants to seriously decrease the amount of rooftop solar being installed, their Rapid Shutdown and 3ft rule strategy is a good tactic.
    BSEE, R11, NABCEP, Chevy BoltEV, >2000kW installed