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installation producing 3x less power and half the voltage

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    Update 2:

    I have purchased a "new" SPRx-3300-R inverter on eBay that had the same SunPower's P/N as my original one.

    Problem 1: Since my original model did not have "-R" I have contacted SunPower and wrestled confirmation from them that these are equivalent. However, they told me not to call them again as I am just a (unlucky?) owner and I have purchased the replacement on eBay. So far so good.

    I have replaced it yesterday.And yes, it now reads correct voltage on the DC side, at 300V unloaded. So yet this DC under-voltage was the inverter's failed DC measurements.
    Here are the pictures:

    Problem2: However I must be super unlucky (cursed? ) as the "new" inverter has problem with AC and reports under-voltage with very inconsistent readings between 160-210V. I have directly measured AC on its leads at 240V so again the new inverter is broken. Additionally I noticed that the claimed "new" inverter logged 8kWh produced so far so I suspect it failed in testing or in first installation. I am returning it (that's a good news - the seller unconditionally accepted the return, yay! so prob just loose $100 to ship it back).

    That leaves me with the problem of what to do now:

    Does anybody repairs the inverters?

    Replacement route: it looks that all inverters on the market now are TL (transformer less) and expect un-grounded PV connection. How can I use one like this with my positive-ground PV system? Here is a possibility: