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Panel not coming back online

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  • Panel not coming back online

    We had a grid-tie PV system installed about 4-1/2 years ago.
    16 Solar World 280 watt panels with 16 Enphase M250 microinverters.
    It has performed flawlessly until the last week or so.

    We live in Leilani Estates about a mile from fissure 8.
    We were never threatened by the lava flow, but were inundated several times by gasses from the eruption, very heavily on occasion.

    Our roof sustained damage from the SOx gasses.
    We are having it replaced.
    The PV installation had to be removed.
    It has been reinstalled.

    One panel has been off line since the removal and has never come back on line since the reinstall.
    I have called the contractor.
    Someone will be out to look at it soon.

    The microinverters strike me as being pretty bullet-proof.
    My guess is the problem is most likely to be simply a bad connection.

    Educated guesses as to what the problem might be are invited.

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    An electrician came out today.
    We are back up and running again, after a bit of fumbling and chasing around.