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Better Software for Tracer 2210A

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  • Better Software for Tracer 2210A

    I have a fully functional Epever Tracer 2210A (1 130W solar panel, two 215 AH batteries in series 12V). Everything works fine.

    The software that comes with the Epever Tracer 2210A allows me to set it up and keep an eye on it.

    However, I find the software kind of boring to look at (I have a laptop connected to it via USB-RS485 cable).

    I'm looking for alternative monitoring software. With more stats, pie charts maybe, graphs.

    Any ideas?


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    You're under paneled for your battery bank size. You also really need 2 panels to get the input voltage higher , allowing the MPPT circuitry to give you max benefit. Your controller is only a 20 amp controller and no matter how much solar you connect to it , it will never put out more than 20 amps. You need another 130 watt panel wired in series to get your input voltage up.
    BTW, if you get one of the higher end Epever Tracer controllers You will likely get better graphics and data.

    This particular one is 150 max Voc. and is about 95 dollars on eBay.EPever 150 Voc. controller.jpg
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      You're right about the much needed additional solar panel. I've been meaning to get another one for a while. I don't really need more amps than 20 for now but I may recalculate when the time comes. As my first foray in to the solar energy arena, I can say it was pretty cool learning about the whole thing and actually setting something. Thanks!


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        Hello Littleharbor, thanks for your reply to the question above.
        Please do you know anything about Suoer MPPT charge controller ? I wish to buy one but couldn't find any independent review searching all over the Internet.
        It is cheap. But Is the CC good and durable as advertised?


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          Suoer MPPT charge controller
          I've never heard of it
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            Me neither, sorry
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