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  • SunPower PVS5x help

    I have a new SunPower X22-360 system with a PVS5x Monitor. I had both Consumption and Production CT installed. The Production CT was installed 2 weeks after my system was turned on. Since then my Current Power meter on my dashboard is updating 2 or more hours late and with 2 or more hour old data. All the other dashboard information looks correct. When the sun goes down the Current Power meter continues to show production for 2 or more hours. They installed a Continental Control ACLT 0750 100 Opt 40mA CT with the arrow pointing away from the panels. Is this the correct part and installed correctly. SunPower has been called 3 times with no correction so far. Oh one more point, when the Current Power meter does finally update, it then only updates every 2 hours when the rest of the dashboard updates correctly every 5 to 10 minutes.
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    Does anybody know the correct part number for a SunPower Production CT for a PVS5x Monitor