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    Originally posted by Sunking View Post
    One of the oldest cons in the SALES BIBLE Musk has mastered and disguised called Bait-n-Switch.
    Yes, there has been bait-and-switch (raising pricing on the PowerWall by $800 and the "Gateway" by $400). But the OP's problem is the local certified installer (not Tesla employees... more like "Big Kahuna Electric") has padded its labor quote by as much as $8,000. Why? Because they are the only Tesla installer on the island, and Hawai'i electricity is !@#$ expensive, so people really, really want stored energy. It's like selling umbrellas in a rainstorm: why charge $10 if people will pay $40? Don't blame the umbrella factory.

    How is that Tesla's fault? Should they have contracts with their installers capping labor rates? That would be interesting, but I've never heard of anything like it... imagine if SunPower tried to cap electrician hourly rates on installations of SunPower modules.

    The real problem is that there is not more stored-energy competition. If there were 4 competitive vendors to choose from, or 3 different Tesla installers on the island, then the labor quotes would be reasonable. But if the only competition is from a RESU10 bid, then don't expect anybody's Tesla bid to come-in a dime less than a similar RESU10 install.


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      Tesla already called awhile back and wanted to install the batteries at the price which was originally agreed to. Now 19 months later, you are wanting them installed in a few more months from now? If there is no physical presence..19 months later, than getting your deposit back seems reasonable. Or, perhaps get the builder to foot the difference in cost since it sounds like their delays are what is causing the issue to begin with.