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  • Enphase / Magnum Take 2

    First try didn't work

    I would appreciate your opinions on 2 different inverters for different applications. Yes I know they are apples & oranges.
    Enphase IQ7. I'm hoping to learn about Enphase reliability and customer service / warranty support. These will be on a ground array, so if a few crap out, that's o.k. as long as Enphase replaces them without a hassle.

    Magnum MS-PAE inverter. (different application than above) I know Magnum is a respected company, but I choke on the 3 year warranty for an expensive piece of equipment. Is this an indication of how long it will last, or does this type of Magnum inverter usually last MUCH longer, 10 - 15 years?

    This is for diy use, so support is for me, the little guy.
    Thanks in advance. Pete
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    I have 40 Enphase 215 micro inverters and an Envoy installed in 2014. All of them are still working as installed. Since I have had no failures, I have no experience with customer support or warranty support.


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      Thanks Ward
      I ordered IQ7+ inverters yesterday. It seems like Enphase was on the skids for a while, but since their management changes things seem to be improving. It can take a while to find, but there is a LOT of tech information at their web site. I sent a few emails to Enphase asking for information ( I made it clear that I am a DIY'er ), and was impressed with the responses I received the next day. I've sent similar emails, and have called most of the pv biggies, and was either ignored, or received "canned" responses, sometimes months later.
      I'm optimistic that things will go well - time will tell.


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        I have an 80 panel Enphase M250 ground setup that went live end of 2016. One was DOA on install - Enphase had no problem sending a replacement. Since then - no issues. Envoy just runs also.

        One thing I do recommend is installing your Envoy at or near the ground mount and having some way to get Ethernet to it. After I made that change, I get 5 bars communication to every micro.

        This is the blog post I made about that change:


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          Thanks for your comments. I'm going to mount the envoi in my basement. The modules will be ground-mounted about 50 feet away. Everything should be very accessible should should repairs or replacement be needed. We get a fair amount of snow in my area and I like the idea of being able to clean my modules off with a broom if necessary.
          Thanks thanks again.


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            This is a bit late, but broe on these forums has extensive experience with snow on panel. His design is custom for his needs but I'm sure he would have some solid ideas that help you.


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              Originally posted by petect View Post
              We get a fair amount of snow in my area and I like the idea of being able to clean
              my modules off with a broom if necessary. Pete
              If you go to heading
              Solar Panels for your Home, Grid Tied Solar PV
              and read the sticky
              Snow Tolerant PV Mounting,
              you will see how I drastically reduced the effort required to keep panels clear of snow. Works on ground
              mounts, affects the build.

              Somewhere DanS26 shows a good snow pusher construct. Bruce Roe


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                tyab & bcroe Thanks for the info. My modules will be portrait , 1 row high so I shouldn't have a problem reaching them for cleaning. I will be using fixed racking - for my purposes I can't see adding the complexity of movable racks, when (at todays costs) adding another fixed module or 2, will accomplish the same. thanks again Pete