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Rainforest Eagle (original) Working Again Through Wattvision

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  • Rainforest Eagle (original) Working Again Through Wattvision

    So I've been frustrated with my Rainforest Eagle not sending data through Wattvision to PVOutput. In mid-June I stopped getting data from my Rainforest Eagle. Like a few others at the time, I tried switching to Eagle POST method that was described in another post Rainforest Eagle 200. I could get a successful Cloud connect, but only for about 10 minutes.

    I finally just submitted a ticket to Rainforest and got the following reply: Rainforest Customer Support.PNG

    Glad it is working again, but I'm dumbfounded that this could happen and pissed-off that I don't have any control over this device. The device is locked down and all data goes through the Rainforest Cloud. Changes to the configuration of the device must be made through the Rainforest Cloud user login. I don't have access to the device directly.
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