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Tigo/SMA - Non intrusive panel monitoring?

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    Originally posted by robomartin View Post

    I did a project a while back (two years ago) that required being able to extract as much identity information from someone visiting any website. For a baseline we had to first figure out how to create a 100% anonymous visitor. You would be surprised to learn just how much work it is required to actually block all identifiable information. Using a proxy, even services like "HideMyAss" (a real service, BTW) wasn't enough. With most people we could generate an identity profile you would not believe. Most people are leaking tons of information.

    We need something like what Europe just put into play. We definitely do.
    And then i pick up my cell phone.......

    There's a bazillion excabits of personal data floating around in grocery store databases, visa & mastercard store logs, automated toll booths.....
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    || Midnight Classic 200 | 10, Evergreen 200w in a 160VOC array ||
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      I half feel this is a joke that has gone on too long at this point. I have Sense, eGauge, and solaredge all collecting my production info and in 2 of the 3 cases my usage as well. I couldn't care less if someone knows when I use more electricity. The local power company has known that for years. Similar to the internet company knowing your overall usage. Sure you can mask it with a VPN but they still know how much you're using and when.

      In my opinion the benefits far outweigh any perceived down side. Accessing the data via the web, an app, remotely, locally is all convenient. That's interesting that you created an acct full of fake information, but I don't see how it really helps. You may have used a VPN when you setup your account but unless your equipment is always connected to the VPN as well than it doesn't really matter at all because it still ties back to you. Same as the serial numbers reporting back from the hardware...also most likely tied to you directly no matte what. If your concern is their equipment on your network than just create a separate VLAN for them and keep it separate from your traffic.


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        Power consumption is the least of your worries. SinceSinc mentioned electric car, there isnt a single electric car that isnt data collecting your driving habits, accelleration, radio station tuned, climate setting, when, where, and how long you stay at each location.

        Plus your power company is already collecting and selling consumption data anyway.

        Being a privacy advocate is a worthwhile venture, but it's important to understand everyone has everything as a baseline.

        There's an off grid section here if you truly want to be private.