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Inverter Feeds Through Attic?

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  • Inverter Feeds Through Attic?

    Currently my solar feeds to the inverters are exterior in 1in EMT. With a planned room addition part of the run must be moved as it crosses through what will be a new interior wall.

    Can the conduit be partially run through a garage attic? There may also need to be splices which would be done inside a 6x6 box in that attic. Note that these feeds are the panel loops and un-fused up to the inverter.
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    Sure, it can be moved and redone. Just make sure the electrician knows how to properly de-energize the array prior to disconnecting the wiring.
    Shut off the AC disconnect first (this shuts down current flowing on the DC side). Then disconnect one connection on each string of the array using the proper MC4 tool. Now you can safely work on the DC wiring coming down from the array. Make sure the DC conductors don't get mixed up when splicing them....
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      Thanks, my main concern is code? Not sure if un-fused feeders could be run inside. The fuses are at the imverters.

      As for the work, I plan to disconnect the feeders at night, tape them off and pull back to where I break the conduit. Then re-pipe as needed, then the next night re-pull and terminate.

      Not an electrician but a practicing EE so I know the ropes. Just don't want to climb on the main roof to disconnect the panels.


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        Hi Andy - the changes will have to conform to current code. Not knowing your location and age of system but changing the run of DC most likely will require you to conform to 690.12 if it is not already. Given you are doing a room expansion/extension have a chat with your AHJ (this is assuming your area requires a permit - most do) to make sure you and him are on the same page - you sure don't want any surprises later down when the final hits. Wiring methods are covered in 690.31 and in particular to what you are going to do 690.31(G). Splicing needs to follow the normal wiring methods for all wiring using listed components and methods. Don't forget to review 690.41 - 50 for issues related to EGC and bonding of that metal raceway. Stay safe!