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Offline Panels in my array? (Solar Edge SE7600A-US inverter)

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  • Offline Panels in my array? (Solar Edge SE7600A-US inverter)

    My go-live date was June 2015, and as I was watching with glee the snow finally shedding off the panels after the last snowstorm, I noticed something on the display of my SE inverter (Solar Edge SE7600A-US). I have two sets of panels, 18 on each roof section, a total of 36 panels. All of them are connected to the same inverter.

    Normally, the status display shows the DC/AC voltages & power, as well as some status indicators. Normally under the output indicators is a:
    P_OK: 036/ 036
    which I would assume means it has a connection to all 36 panels.

    Now, it shows
    P_OK: 033/036

    I dont see any error codes display that indicate a problem, outside of that the number has dropped from 36 to 33. Does this mean that 3 of my panels have stopped functioning? I don't have the SolarEdge utility set up, as the system was installed by Sungevity and I get my usage data via a downstream ASUS meter. From all the horror stories, I'm not sure calling Sungevity will do any good given their bankruptcy state.

    Panels are 36 x Hyundai Heavy Industries HiS-M250RG(BK)

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    is your solaredge inverter set up for monitoring and on the network? if not then set it up, get yourself and installer account on solaredge monitoring portal and configure it.
    The bad thing is that you likely do not have an optimizer map so you will not know which 3 are down but you can get more accurate failure information.

    Also if some of the modules are still covered with snow then that is why they are off line. The optimizer is powered form the PV module.
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      It's not set up for SE monitoring portal. I asked Sungevity about this back when the system was originally installed, as I wanted more detailed reporting including real (near) time reporting versus waiting ~30-45 minutes for the ASUS meter to upload aggregate usage data over the cellular network.

      Sungevity said that if I turned SE monitoring on, it would invalidate the warranty. With the Sungevity warranty probably not worth the paper it's printed on, I'm all about setting up SE monitoring. I can always turn that off if there is a warranty situation, I cant imagine Sungevity would ever know it's turned on.

      And you're right, I'd have to ping the local installer to get a map of the panels and which optimizer is which.