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Ethernet bridge or other device for internet access?

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    I installed a pair of Ubiquity Litebeam AC5 Gen2 radios for an ethernet bridge. Man, networking is a PITA! After a week of head scratching and making full use of Ubiquity support and user forums, I finally managed a workable connection in spite of some trees in the line of sight. I installed a cheap ethernet switch at he inverters and when I jack in with my laptop I get a good internet connection and good connection to each SMA inverter. But the inverters show a "faulty Webconnect" communication error and I cannot access them via the internet, from my home for instance. Webconnect is activated but shows a slow connection at the switch (amber light) although my laptop connects normally (green light). Any ideas?


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      Hi Sunburner - Sounds like you have communications working. Just as a sanity check, you should be able to log into each of the Litebeam units via whatever fixed IP you gave each unit (just fire up the browser and point it to your internal IP address). Once you log into each unit you should have screens that look like this:

      (example home unit)
      (example remote unit)

      Basically you are looking at each units view of its connected unit. They should both give nearly identical information Its a good idea to do this one a month or so just to make sure the units are aligned up and working. Sometimes you will get the option to upgrade the firmware - its up to you. I usually give new firmware a solid two months before I will install it. The latest firmware really gives some solid high speed connections that don't bounce around much.

      At the remote site assuming you are able to browse the internet with the laptop, view these forums, browse amazon, watch netflix whatever - you have decent communications. If your able to just plug in the laptop without have to config any static ip's or stuff like that - then you have a normal DHCP setup and given you can connect to the inverters sounds like they are working. Just another sanity check, you could be able to connect to inverters via your laptop from either the switch at the remote and the switch at your home.

      If all that is working - the inverters should be able to report back to SMA. Oh - the amber light on the switch is because the SMA inverter is a 100 device - not a gigabit - yellow indicates the older slower speed, green is gigabit. That is normal and expected.
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        Thanks tyab. Yes, I seem have a good solid working internet connection at my remote LB, at least through my laptop, and I'll continue to monitor the LB interfaces occasionally to assure all is well.

        However, I am still having some inverter communication issues. I connected the inverters yesterday and registered them on Sunny Portal and this morning got the following report from each inverter: "There was a communication fault between 12/18/2017 9:22:24 PM and 12/19/2017 7:41:54 AM." Sunny Portal currently shows no connection. See my 2 systems below. "Rivendell" is the one just registered. I'm on my way now to see if I can troubleshoot further.

        Rivendell 13.20 0.00 0.00 0.00 911.44 No data No data
        MBH Garage 9.57 0.24 31.29 475.41 3,695.60 49.68 377.26
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          As everyone here has been saying Ubiquiti!!!!!!!!! cant go wrong!!!

          I currently bridge my home internet over a kilometer to an off grid camp. Ubiquiti Networks Nano Beam airmax is the easiest system i have installed to date. Depending on computer skills you may however want to call someone in, or get alot of beer for a tech friend.

          That being said, a very good set of introductions come with it, but you have to know how to do a few cat 5 connections. In the camp, there is a power adapter for the receiver on cabin which uses unnoticeable power on my system.

          I then go to a router (apples portable router draws the smallest power i could find at the time) for wireless but you can also wire an ethernet outlet if that's easier for you too.

          I had mine crooked and not pointed close to each other for a while too and it didnt effect them either haha. But i am assumeing once you get further and further from one km bridge that would change and would want to line them up better.

          I also may add I went from 4.5mb/s at house and hardly dropped at cabin (i was expecting a significant loss of mb/s) NOT the case.

          I will also point out. I am situated in Canada. I have NOT once had to brush snow off, been too cold to work, or any issues with summer or winter storms.

          Any other questions feel free to ask.

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            I agree, Ubiquity is the way to go. As an update, while I had a reasonable connection with my 5 ghz Litebeams, there was some question about signal stability once the leaves come out so I ended up switching them out for 2.4 ghz Powerbeams. Now I have a stronger signal which should persist through the summer foliage. I'm a networking noob and needed lots of assistance. Ubiquity support is top notch.


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