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Advice PLEASE! 2 @ 235 watt Hanwha 60 cell solar panels & 40A EPEVER Tracer 4210A CC

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    Originally posted by texman38 View Post

    the 400ah 6v batteries are monsters and usually over $200 each as i recall... i may just stay with golf cart type batteries since they are cheap and durable as someone else said, so its a reliable source of power that won't kill my wallet and won't make me cry if i screw it up somehow, $83 x 4 and i'm good to go for years... Thanks for your help SUNEAGLE, just what i needed to know!!!
    Sounds like you have a plan.

    Last item to think about. While some people say their batteries have lasted them for 5 or more years that may not be true for everyone based on how their system is wired, used (or abused) and cared for. So don't be unhappy if you only get a couple of years out of even a new bank.


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      I just bought a Kill A Watt 4460 just now. I read a lot of reviews of people frying these things plugging space heaters and stuff into them. I want to put it on my fridge, vacuum cleaner and other devices so I can see the real power consumption. If we had a long power outage of several days, it would be so nice to be prepared for it.