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SolarEdge monitoring looks strange

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  • SolarEdge monitoring looks strange

    We finally got to where we have our panels, and the net meter & got the wifi connection sorted and were expecting to see it all on the solaredge monitoring. We let it run awhile, but then decided it looked wrong wrt what our electricity supplier was showing on their new, not quite official online page.

    Lots of consumption at night and none during the day. (We have instant gas for hot water and gas for heating which goes off at night so there should not have been much. We also switched our dehumidifiers off (it's been very dry so they haven't run for months now - they used to run off peak at night)

    The reporting used to look like this:

    After much to and fro, the installer came back and scathingly said that the 'CT?' I think was plugged in the wrong way and implied that the net meter installer must have done that. One of the installer people was actually the last there but I forget what that was about - partner running with most of this. Now the reporting has changed, but still looks wrong. Unless it's a washing day, it should just be the fridge and some computers running and where has all the evening consumption gone? The oven, TV, kettles etc.

    To me something is clearly wrong, but what?

    My partner wants to leave it a while and see what our electricity supplier official statement says (due October). I would however appreciate any insight into what might be going on here.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    I agree, there is something wrong. It should look like mine, see attached.
    I know some installers have forgotten to set the amp size of the CT's in the inverter configuration. I believe the default is 5 amps but needs to be changed (mine are 100 amps CT's).

    You may also want to do a a chat with Solaredge tech support and have them take a look over your inverter configuration remotely to make sure it was configured correctly.