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    Originally posted by DrLumen View Post

    FWIW, I understood what you meant in regards to seasonal tilt (ie elevation). I'm not really sure what that says about either of us...

    If I were to build something like that I would put in an elevation tilt. Not that anyone else would or should - just that I would. It would also be very likely that after about the 2nd or 3rd year I would probably not bother changing them though.

    Might be handy if the world goes off its current tilt for whatever reason. If that were the case, we would have a lot more pressing things to worry about.
    Adjustable elevation (tilt) angles can also have other practical uses. Depending on design, cleaning can be easier. Or, horizontal orientation fixing for perhaps upcoming wind events. Or, vertical, or > 90 deg., or even inverted (depending on underside configuration of electronics, etc.) as a way to deal with snow removal can be an option. Adjustable orientation can have nice side bennies even if not used as a way to enhance production.

    I built a couple of thermal collectors that had adjustable tilts, primarily tp be able to investigate tilt angle effects on the output and temps. It also turned out to be practical for maint./changing out collector internals and glazings. I'd guess it's not a big cost/hassle factor for relatively small arrays that can be adjusted with 2 hands/ 1 body. Nice to have added design flexibility if it can be done safely and practically for little/no cost.
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      Originally posted by AzRoute66 View Post

      They are both very nice, but every time I see a ground mount system without seasonal tilt it seems a bit wasteful. I can only assume that seasonal tilt is not nearly as impactful up north as it is down here at 31.5 degrees.
      The 6 panels are half a series string; there are 6 strings facing south. Not in that picture are strings facing
      east and west. I had instructed that those south facing panels would have an adjustable tilt, but I never
      received a drawing in advance. Turns out the "pivot axis" is nowhere near the center of gravity, so to
      actually change the tilt would take so many people so long with so much equipment, it isn't practical.

      HOWEVER, there is a new mount in process, that solves the tilt problem and the many other issues I
      have discussed. Bruce Roe