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  • Too much power??

    Hi Everyone,
    A little over a month ago I did an informal test of a Prism Bi60-375 bifacial module on an open frozen pond. I suspected that the results would be good but they were far better than expected ...over 400 watts for four hours! I have it graphed on my website here;
    I have a couple of ground mount sales pending using this great panel but have been hitting a roadblock when it comes to panel level optimization. The trees have been cleared well back but there still will be some early and late day shading. The overall power capability eliminates using Enphase micros, and the 12.2 Isc eliminates SolarEdge and Tigo optimizers. SolarEdge does make a P800 with a high enough amp rating, but it is only available in single phase. The fallback is to use a SMA TL string inverter, but hate to give away any power
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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