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Question about SolarEdge inverter

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  • Question about SolarEdge inverter

    Not too long ago had solar installed - the system is a SolarEdge 11400 inverter with 46 LG 320 panels. A total of 3 strings (17, 15, 14).

    I noticed last month that I seem to be generating more during peak than the inverter can handle, as it gets to about 11.9kwh and never goes above it. I'm unfortunately not very educated in solar, but after reading up it appears the inverter has a max that it can produce of 12kwh. Is that correct? And if that's the case, is it a bad install? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    It is probably a good design. As a general rule, it is cost effective to increase the panel power up to 1.25 what the inverter can handle. In the spring, for the first few years, some energy will be clipped, but it is probably not more than 1% of what your system will produce annually.
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