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Micro Inverter vs Optimizer/Inverter vs String

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    Originally posted by solar pete View Post
    Just wanted to chime in re the LG being a premium brand ?, I am stumped to why they seem to get the status they do, my first flat screen tv was LG it was crap, it crapped out about 2 months after the 2 year warranty expired and they said to bad, it was too expensive to fix so just go and buy a new one. OK enough of my rant
    I have seen flat screen TVs from all the major manufacturers die early. My parents had a Sony LCD that they bought in '08, lasted 3 years, almost to the day. Unfixable. I had a Samsung LED bought in '10, lasted about 3 years, with very minimal use. Again, unfixable. My roomate had a Panasonic Plasma, bought in '12, lasted about 2.5 years. That was able to be fixed for about $200.
    Those are the 3 big ones, but I've seen plenty of other fail in under 5 years as well.

    As far as comparing LGs TVs to their PV panels, it's really not connected. LG is a giant company, with arms in many industries. The quality of one product doesn't represent the quality of the other millions.

    LG are labeled as premium because of their efficiency too, not just quality.