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  • Location of the AC Disconnect

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays,
    I am installing a 62 panels on top of my parents shop (flat roof), but the meter is located at the main house at the other end of their property. The shop has a 200 amp sub panel where we would like to place the inverter, DC disconnect and other equipment. What is the code on the location of the AC disconnect? Can I use a knife disconnect at the meter for the subfeeds to the shop? I am an electrician not a solar guy go easy on me.

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    not sure what you are asking. You have DC panels, and need a DC rated dsconnect

    The inverter needs a lockable (by power co & FD) disconnect, they can access from outside. AC disconnect needs to be near where the inverter feeds into a panel. My disconnect has a large jumper block that gets removed to lock out.
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      AC Disconnect

      I want to place the DC disconnects and inverters next to the subpanel that is in the shop (200amp). My question is does the AC disconnect need to be next to the meter/main electrical panel? Or can I place it on the outside of the shop (300' away from the meter/main)?
      There are 2 structures on my parents property the main electrical service w/ the meter is on their house (Split 200 amp service). The House and shop are about 300' apart. I would imagine the Utility and F.D. want the AC disconnect to be next to the meter, I dont know.


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        Originally posted by Swiss View Post
        ....The House and shop are about 300' apart. I would imagine the Utility and F.D. want the AC disconnect to be next to the meter, I dont know.
        It depends on your local codes. I don't believe there are any general requirements for an additional AC disconnect at all. The thing is, a grid tie inverter already has an automatic AC disconnect inside. Each local utility may have its own requirements and probably yes, they may want an additional AC disconnect be close to the main service disconnect.


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          I'm an electrician in Canada, but regardless of location, this logic should be applicable.

          1) Non permit electrical work, home-owner, only intended for replacement of damaged components, plugs, light-fixtures, on branch circuits. For direct connection of any electrical equipment directly to a 200A electrical feeder, you legally are required to take out an electrical permit. (unless you are located somewhere quite uncivilized).
          Illegal non-permitted electrical work will void your house insurance.

          2) Assuming you live in North America, and thus the voltage of a 200A feeder would likely be 240/120V, 1-phase, & include a neutral.
          If the inverter is not actually rated at 240V, 200A, then you must have some form of electrical protection, which may be a breaker, or else a fused disconnect.

          3) From an electrical protection perspective, the inverter should be viewed as both a energy source, and a potential load.