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Standing seam install question

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  • Standing seam install question

    Just trying to get my feet wet. My standing seam roof is a snap lock from Mueller Metal. The seam is more an inverted V than straight up and down. I tried some S-5 clamps but when
    I tried tightening the side bolts, it just caused the S-5 to ride up the inverted V. Any suggestions. ???

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    Try the S5!-N type clamp. It has a "tooth" on the lower edge which grabs into the seam crevice.
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      would like to ask if anyone have installed such a roof and their experience with it. have made a carport for my 67 to sit under, so I can put the 66 in the garage. am not interested in putting up a regular shingle roof or the corrugated stuff.

      the roof is a single slope down from the side of the garage of about 1-foot roof contractor northern virginia. length of about 8 feet. no cutouts or other fancy stuff just an area 8 x 20. in theory, a reasonable project it would seem. comments? thanks
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