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String configuration and troubleshooting/monitoring single panel

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  • String configuration and troubleshooting/monitoring single panel

    My plan -
    house is located 6deg north of equator(tropics), roof ridgeline oriented north-south with equal east-west roof faces 22deg pitch(5/12)
    Hybrid inverter 6kw w MPPT x2
    Max v 560v
    Max current 11A
    2 strings, 10 x 300w panels

    Clearly inverter is designed for single string per MPPT, Unit max 4kw ea MPPT.

    roof faces east and west, split 3k each face(each MPPT)

    longest single wire length per panel 100ft, loop (pos&neg) would be 200ft max

    If failed panel in a string, troubleshooting to find which panel would be difficult on a 2nd story roof.
    At my age I won't be able to do my own troubleshooting and rely on vendor service.
    Is it foolish or a mistake to run each panels wires down to electrical room and form string in combiner box and each panel could be monitored individually? (even if cost of additional wire and bulky wire bundle was not a factor)
    Is there a smarter way of accomplishing the same result? Not having to get on the 2nd story roof to troubleshoot a single failed panel and individual panel monitoring.