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Arc-Fault Detection & Interruption

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  • Arc-Fault Detection & Interruption

    A little background first:
    My ground mounted PV system is nearly completed and will be inspected in about 30-45 days to 2014 NEC standards. I somehow missed the part (totally my mistake, I'm guessing I thought it didn't apply to me the first 100 times I read it) about the arc-fault protection in 690.11. I have 2 schnieder electric charge controllers (only have GFCI protection to my knowledge) and inverter in place that's being fed from a series array of 12 panels to each charge controller (qty 12, 305w panels to each charge controller) for a total of 24 panels in all. Battery backup is from the 28kw battery bank @ 48vdc 600ah. All the equipment is in the utility room of my garage and the solar panels are ground mounted outside. System is ungrounded/floating.

    1) I'm right in stating 690.11 applies to my situation? (if no, the rest of the questions don't apply I suppose)
    2) Best way to incorporate Arc-Fault protection? Keeping cost down would be nice.
    3) I have qty 2, midnite solar 600vdc 20ah breakers that have a remote trip circuit that I've tested and requires about 24-30vdc to interrupt.

    Thanks in advance,