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Sunpower Monitoring System Failure - Possible Failing Microinverters?

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  • Sunpower Monitoring System Failure - Possible Failing Microinverters?

    I have 22 SunPower SPR-X21-335 ACPV Modules. 10 on circuit A and 12 on Circuit B. These were installed June 2016 and I am in Northern California.

    For the last 2 weeks around 11AM to approx 1PM seemingly random panels stop reporting data. Dealer said possible AC Line Noise but I have not seen this issue for the last 3 years and does not effect all panels. With the reports of all of the Microinverter failures Sunpower is having perhaps this is the first symptom before they completely fail?

    I have attached some screeshots of what my panels are reporting on different days and appreciate any insight others have with similar issues and how they were resolved.
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    SunPower wants dealer to install Production CT on my system. While this should give me correct total output as it occurs in the app, it will not fix the problem of certain panels not communicating to the system and reporting correctly to Web Interface. So much for buying into the SunPower Ecosystem because they make all the components and control quality.


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      Turns out I have Version 3.0 (type C) inverters and Sunpower has agreed to replace all with Version 3.1 (type D) micro-inverters. I have asked what it would take to be able to switch over to the Enphase Inverters which they are shipping with New Installations and waiting to hear back.

      Anyone know if the type D inverters are any more reliable than the Type C? Any ideas on what it would take to switch to Enphase?