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    Hello all-- I am an old member who installed my first system back in 2014. I am building a new house and planning my solar install. I already have 36 330W LG panels with integrated Enphase microinverters(bought pre-tariff). These will be installed on a standing seam metal roof. I had the walkthrough with my electrician today, and, to his credit, he said he had no experience integrating solar into his installs. So here are a few questions:
    1) The house will have a whole-house Kohler generator (~20kW). How should the transfer switch and Enphase output be wired to completely lock out the panels during a power outage? I keep reading about connecting on the utility side of the transfer switch on my side of meter, but what exactly does that entail? I'd like to describe the setup exactly to the electrician(or at least feign knowledge when I describe it).

    2) I am trying to NOT penetrate the metal roof. Is it acceptable to run the three strings into a passthrough box mounted on the roof, down conduit on the side of the house to a combiner/disconnect? I saw a combo combiner/disconnect from Midnite Solar that looked like a good solution.

    3) Are there any roof mounted combiners with breakers?

    Thanks for your input!