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Help! Broke a panel. Do I need to remove/bypass it?

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  • Help! Broke a panel. Do I need to remove/bypass it?

    So I had a sudden windstorm blow in (literally 30 seconds warning) and it blew my EZ-Up onto my roof and broke one of my panels. I'm wondering if I need to disconnect it from my system or if my optimizer will be smart enough to take care of it on it's own.

    System is a 9.4 KW Solaredge system. Panels are LG Mono X2 315 W.

    Also, any advice on replacing the panel? It's been discontinued. Should I just replace it with the 335W version they're selling currently?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Badutahboy,

    How broken is it? Glass cracked or more substantial damage? What size SE Optimizers do you have? P300, P320, P350, P400? You could in theory replace the panel with "like for like" that is to say any 60 cell panel whose STC is <= the wattage rating of the Optimizer you have. Doesn't have to be LG.u

    In some cases you can also swap out the Optimizer as well, but not all optimizers are cross compatible with each other / all inverters.

    If you can live without the power from one panel, you can likely do nothing (or take your time) to address the issue. The panel might still produce some power until it starts to corrode -- if it can produce enough voltage to turn the Optimizer on.

    Check your SE monitoring portal, is the rest of the string still producing power? Or did you shut the whole system down?

    Depending on how long ago you had your system installed, you might give your installer a ring and see if they have any odd / leftover panels they might give you a deal on.



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      As long as the optimizer itself wasn't damaged, the rest of the system shouldn't be affected.