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  • Solar Edge Optimizers & Home Runs

    So as I understand it, these optimizers restrict output from the module to 1v and less than 1amp. I learned that the last thing you do in an install is plug in your home runs. Does that hold true in a system with optimizers? Seems like it you could just go ahead and connect them along with everything else in this kind of system. I guess maybe even that little power could add up?
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    Yes, SE PO output 1V when not paired (and their panel has the sunlight to power them.) I don't see a current limit, but they may have it.

    While you're not likely to do physical harm to yourself, you can damage equipment by accidentally shorting the DC ends at some point further down the line if they're hot, so why risk it, when it's not that difficult to leave the home run unplugged, until you've got the DC wiring done all the way to the inverter, and do it with the DC switch off, and then measure the DC voltage on the strings to make sure things are right before throwing that switch.