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  • S5! Attachment Frequency

    How do I determine the frequency of the S5! attachments for my roof? I have a Midwest Manufacturing 26 gauge steel roof which is compatible with the S5! "S-5-N Mini" clamps. I purchased enough clamps for mounting at every other seam location and boy do these things have a positive mount and seem to hold like crazy. My roof has 16" seam spacing. Anyone have experience with similar standing seam attachments?

    -9.8kW array
    -SE1000a SolarEdge Inverter w/ optimizers
    -(34) 290w Heliene mono cell modules in 2 strings
    -2 rows of 11 & 1 row of 12
    -Unirac Standard racking
    -8/12 pitch, standing seam steel roof

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    it depends on your uplift requirements in your location. If you are in hurricane area or something then you would want to do every seam and a few hanger bolts to be sure.

    remember that the S5! holds onto the roof really well but how well is the roof attached to your house?
    OutBack FP1 w/ CS6P-250P


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      Thanks Butch. I'm in Minnesota so no special hurricane requirements here. I agree, the weak point is probably always the roof attachment (with standing seem metal roofs). All I can find on the S5 website is here:
      but, of course, they defer to others to determine whether or not an attachment every seam is required or not. But it's still a pretty good document.

      I'd love to hear feedback if anyone has experience where they have seen these attachments used every rib vs. every other.


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        You should be staggering though such that every other rail is attached to every other ridge. Thi si sthe same for non standing ridge attachements as well.
        OutBack FP1 w/ CS6P-250P