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Firefighter Pathway and Conduit

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  • Firefighter Pathway and Conduit

    I've been looking up and down the NEC and ISEP but for the life of me I can't find the answer to this question. Can conduit run across the 3' firefighter access pathway?

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    Any code or not, some common sense applies. If you were to on a roof in the dark or under reduced visibility on a path that you know was put there for emergency access, is it reasonable to expect that path to be free of trip hazards ?

    What would you want if you were a first responder ?

    Codes are promulgated for more reasons than simply to make life difficult for those building or owning systems subject to them. One such big reason is safety.

    I appreciate your purpose in asking here, but I'd assume the answer to your question ought to be no, and I'd plan accordingly until I was convinced otherwise by statute or proper authority.


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      International fire code 605.11 would be a good place to start. But, municipalities often adopt it then add their own amendments so the city is the authoritative source.

      ​​​​​​Find out from your local city/fire Dept. Just so you have an idea of what you're looking for, I'm linking and showing an example from City of Phoenix.

      Example sentence from Phoenix's:


      605.11.2 Locations of DC conductors.
      Conduit, wiring systems, and raceways for photovoltaic circuits shall be located as
      close as possible to the ridge or hip or valley and from the hip or valley as directly as
      possible to an outside wall to reduce trip hazards and maximize ventilation

      Hopefully this helps you to find the applicable information for your own municipality.


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        Thanks for the feedback. I ended up taking the safe route and just going into the attic. I'm in FL so although it is hot and PITA to work up there it'll be safer if I don't have conduit running through the FF pathways.


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          FYI - FL is currently under the 2014 NEC code and since your going into the attic, better review 690.31(G).


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            Originally posted by tyab View Post
            FYI - FL is currently under the 2014 NEC code and since your going into the attic, better review 690.31(G).
            Correct me if I'm wrong but 690.31(G) only applies to DC wiring, I'm using micro inverters so it doesn't apply to me.

            Regardless I'm still planning on running the AC wiring inside EMT since I don't want the cables to be accidentally nicked.