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wind noise from roof-mounted panels?

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  • wind noise from roof-mounted panels?

    I mounted 18 60-cell panels (Hanwha QCells Q.Peak 305) on my home's standing-seam metal roof last November. Racking system is SnapNRack 100 attached to the roofing seams with S5! clamps. All seems pretty solid (ought to be, that gear was not cheap!).

    This winter I'm noticing some new noises when the wind kicks up. When I'm on the third floor of the house, I can really hear that it's coming from where the panels are mounted. Almost has that sound of a large piece of sheet metal when you flex it. Am guessing wind is funneling through the space between the panels and the roofing material. My wife says she's heard knocking, but I haven't heard any of that myself. Anybody notice anything similar on their house?

    More details:[LIST][*]roofing material is galvalume, professionally installed by some seasoned pros just last year[*]panels are tightly mounted according to specs., all fasteners carefully checked (I did the install myself)[*]estimate 3-4 inches between panel backsheets and roof surface.[*]wires are secured for the most part (run through rail channels), but it's possible some of the wiring could move in strong wind.[/LIST]
    Just curious if others have similar "noises"

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    New/unusual noises can mean something has changed (Duh !)

    Can you visually inspect the installation up close ? Snow cover ? Ice ?

    Is the sound any different as f(wind direction) ?

    Any noticeable change in array output characteristics when things get noisy ?

    Could the noise be coming from a part of the roof not near the array ?

    Racking may be solid to the roof. How about panel fixing to the racking ?

    Cabling dress not adequate and allowing cabling/wiring to beat on the roof like a drumhead ?

    Any recent unusual weather events ?

    Easier to say than do perhaps, but before I did any blind speculation, I'd get an up close look/listen when it's windy. If something is loose/untethered, you'll need to get up there anyway.
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      Did you put an S5 clamp on every standing seam?

      You may have the racking solid to the roofing but is the roofing solid to the house?

      You might be able to detect more on a windy day in the attic.
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        Hey Megunticook, did you ever make any improvements? I'm in the same boat. I'm sort of not 100% sure if the system is making more noise then the roof did before or if I'm just paying more attention now. Either way I'm considering adding lag bolt mounts to my roof. Most likely the SnapnRack Metal Roof Base. It will be a PITA because every mount would need blocking since my standing seam blocks the easy access to my actual rafters.