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Solaredge SE10000 inverters showing hi DC Voltage

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  • Solaredge SE10000 inverters showing hi DC Voltage

    I just installed a 13.6kw ground mount system. I have 2 identical arrays each having 1 SE10000 inverter with 20 Suniva 340w panels with SolarEdge p400 optimizers (two strings of 10 panels).
    Each string of 10 modules with a voltmeter show 10.4 volts at DC disconnect on both arrays.

    when powering up inverter D.C. Voltage is irratic and very high according to inverter LCD display, it shows up to 30,000+volts. I double checked mc4 connectors and that modules and optermizers were plugged in properly. Both arrays have the same issue...

    Do to the conduit layout I chose do have D.C. And AC wires crossing paths in the disconnect area and are wondering if that could be causing faulty voltage reading at the inverter? If anyone can help I wild appreciate it.

    temporarily upload pics

    temporarily upload pics

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    What happens if you have only the yellow circuit or only the orange circuit plugged in?

    CS6P-260P/SE3000 -


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      Any chance one of the strings has the polarity reversed? Sensij is on the right track to isolating the issue.
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        It was the polarity! I did not pay attention to the negative when I was testing with multimeter. Now inverter reads proper voltage. I hope that didn't damage anything.

        I just received PTO today and fired it up and everything seems to be working. Thank you both for your help! Happy 4th of July!