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  • Solar panel immersion heater

    Hey guys, looking to possibly install a solar power water immersion heater with battery bank. I'm hoping this, along with a wood burning stove, will cover all of my central heating needs. Problem is, I have no idea where to start. Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

    Kindex regards from a complete newbie!

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    So, how much money you got? Got a lot of wood? Highly unlikely.


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      The best place to start is educating yourself. Using Solar PV Battery as a heat source is the most expensive and least effective method you could possibly opt for. Your best option is LPG, NG, or Wood. Use solar and you will bankrupt yourself and freeze to death.
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        Build-it Solar has a great article about a solar thermal house heater
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          In areas that don't have too much freezing temperatures using a solar collector panel can give some heat to your water. I've even seen several hundred feet of black plex heating a pool but in general solar is usually not the best choice for heating. You need the most heat when the days are the shortest and the sun is limited.

          I use 2 wood stoves (I rarely light the 2nd stove here in N. GA) to heat the 1600 sf home and supplement them with a solar powered mini-split. The mini-split is primarily for cooling but during sunny winter days and evenings the mini-split can handle things assuming there is strong sun during the shorter winter days.