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Grid Tie System with Standby Generator

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    Originally posted by huge View Post
    I want to try to balance the load and see if it works. My AC pulls about 3500 watts. What if I turn on the solaredge when is producing less than 3000 watts?
    If you want to take the risk of the load going away and the generator being destroyed, it is your money.
    SunnyBoy 3000 US, 18 BP Solar 175B panels.


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      But doesn't solaredge have some kind of software program to prevent backfeed?


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        SolarEdge inverters are not rated for off grid and the grid zero feature is not designed for a generator. it is designed to back feed very very little to the grid. it will likely have small spikes that measure out to very small amount over time but the generator will not be able to take it.

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      Hi Russ / inetdog / SunEagle

      I will start my post by apologizing to all of you to barge back into the forum even though I was kicked out of it 2 years back. Now logging in with a different ID. I took my time to find my answers, install the system all by myself and get the system running as per my requirement.

      The reason for coming back and posting is very clear. I wish to answer the allegations that were put on me and my respected country after you disabled my comments. Well, I hope you realize what you had written about my countrymen is categorized as racist remarks and you can be, or rather should be, put behind bars for that.

      My idea of joining your forum was to gain some knowledge so that I could get my basics clear and do my solar installation myself. I have this dream of making this technology customer friendly than being vendor friendly. And the replies and comments I got from you all really shock me. Thank God, the whole world is not like this and I found my answers elseware. And now, I have a running 5.5KW Grid Tie System on my rooftop. It has 22 Panels of 250Wp each and they are connected to Delta 5KW Inverter. When there is grid, then no problems of course. And when there is no grid and DG is ON, there is no problem still. As per my sweet desires and requirements, the system works perfectly on DG thereby saving me the trouble for the change of DG and saving me diesel also. Yes, I succeeded in what I wanted to do inspite of your demotivations.

      I also thank the God that he did not give inventors and innovators mind like yours otherwise there would have been no inventions ever. I don't say what I did is new invention, but yes new for me. And what was possible and you all tried convincing me that it was impossible.

      What you all said about my whole country being a gang of crooks, who promote the agreeable fools and not the deserving ones or them making you sit on podiums just to show foreign participation can be specific cases. And it is really not right to make demeaning statements about a country like that based on such specifics. On the contrary, all the innocent investors, INDIAN Investors were fooled by seeing your face. That also puts the burden on your shoulders of fooling so many of us by sitting on such podiums. Had I been on your place, I would have simply refused to attend such an event rather than dying of guilt of cheating many at one go. That you did without refusing.

      Well, I really do not wish to waste any more of my time. But, what I wanted to tell was that it is really not illegal to make a GTI inverter run on DG as long as we ensure it is not going back to the grid while it is out. And if you have any questions about how I did it, please do ask me. I will be more than happy to share what I know unlike you. And if you are coming to India again, please come and see my setup and then tell me that I am wrong. Not otherwise.

      Regards (because your knowledge still deserves regards, not your attitudes)

      Sushant Jain


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        I had 2 separate buildings downstream from the Mains with an emergency generator at the mains intake position. We installed 4 X cut off contactors with the coils on each controlled by a wirefree 5km mains link.This was connected to the Mains Aux in the ATS.Grid Failure Happy Days Solar safely disconnected.