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Weebs, M215's and EGC/GEC

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  • Weebs, M215's and EGC/GEC


    I have 12 x LG 260's & 12 x Enphase 215's on their way for my roof. I have also plumped for weebs as an EGC method for bonding the panels AND microinverters to the racking. I was then planning to use grounding lugs at the end of each rack pair, through which I would feed a #8 bare copper wire to feed into my junction box and all the way down (unspliced) into my combined neutral/ground busbar in my main service panel. The AC EGC wire that comes off the enphase cabling on the roof would be bonded to the roof combiner, which in turn would have been bonded to the #8 running through down into the main service panel. On the way down, each conduit and box the #8 passes through will be bonded to the #8.

    Any problems with this NEC 2011-wise? This is where I have got to after reviewing various Enphase documentation and different information surrounding joint EGC/GEC etc.

    Opinions well welcomed!



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    Have you read 690? It addresses your question directly.
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      The bare ground doesn't necessarily have to be continuous at the combiner but should employ a non-reversible crimp. (consult your codes and town) Also, if you have two rails that the panels sit on and are spliced with a slice bar - be sure each section has a ground lug on it and that they are either jumped together or grounded individually. The splice bar, from say Unirac, does not serve for grounding.
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