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New Member with question on adding to Sunpower system

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  • New Member with question on adding to Sunpower system

    Hi everyone, new member here and i have a question for you all. My new home(in 2017) came with a 2kW, 6 panel Sunpower system which consists of their 335 X-series panels with the Sunpower branded microinverters. Like many others, Sunpower has come out and replaced the microinverters in all of the panels to their newest(before switching to enphase) rev (mi-c-320-us208/240-10) due to some of the original ones going bad.

    My question is, if i buy some second hand Sunpower panels along with the same P/N microinverters to add on to my system, do the new inverters need to be comissioned or the system layout updated by logging into my PVS5x which i don't have the password to do? Or will everything just work when i plug them in?

    I've been in the public access part of the PVS5x where it shows basic info but i cannot configure anything without actually logging in.

    I've searched high and low on the internet and also searched through some of the pages here to see if i could find anything but i didn't. Forgive me if this info is elsewhere on this site.

    i'll try to answer some questions up front that you may ask:

    I'm an electrical engineer by trade and am very familiar with PV solar systems. In my last home I added on to its series string/central inverter system which was easy.

    This Sunpower system has already been relocated by me to my lanai roof to make room for a 40 panel, 13kW system with a Solar Edge inverter with optimizers(not installed by me) with 2 Tesla Powerwalls(which are amazing BTW)

    I'm already authorized/certified to be operating at Tier 2 levels with my utility so that detail is completely kosher

    I know i can only add 6 more panels for a total of 12 for that branch per the microinverter specs

    The panels i'm looking at purchasing to add to the system are Sunpower 305W that i can get for a really good deal from a local wholesaler, and their specs match up perfectly with the mi-c-320-us208/240-10 specs

    I live in Orlando, FL and would follow all requirements(probably go a little beyond) to ensure i'm meeting the rail mounting wind requirements

    We have a 4000sf home with a pool heated by an electric heat pump(don't use in summer) and like to keep the AC at 68 at night when we sleep so before the large solar system was installed we averaged 80-ish kWh/day. We are set in our ways and the AC settings are non negotiable so please don't say just raise the temp to save on power

    I'm so close to having no electric bill(minus the connection fee and taxes) and the additional 6 panels should just put me over the top.

    Thanks for your time and reading my post!
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