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  • Greetings from Southern Idaho

    SolarEdge 10k Inverter
    Power Optimizers P505
    Jinko 395 watt panels x 26 = 10.27 kW total
    Multiple roof peaks split between 140 degrees (3 panels) and 230 degrees (23 panels)

    I am about 2 months into this adventure.

    Not knowing consumption was killing me, so about a month back, I got myself a SolarEdge energy meter and self installed that.

    With the array mainly south west this time of year results at around a 70-80% self consumption rate when my A/C is cranking the most. Solar production actually tracks quite nicely as to when the A/C starts kicking in.

    I just had my first full billing month. Last year's bill $225. This years bill $12.

    Yesterday's output:

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    Welcome to the forum. Your installation is doing great. Congratulations.
    7kW Roof PV, APsystems QS1 micros, Nissan Leaf EV