Hello SolarPanelTalk forums,
Just joining after taking a look around the forums. I'm a homeowner from Oakland, CA. We hired Borrego Solar back in May 2008 to install our 2.85 kWp grid tied system, consisting of 15 Evergreen panels and and Sunny Boy 4000US inverter, it's been working flawlessly for 12 years, our SunnyWebBox has delivered data every day during that time. Below is a screen shot of the Annual Comparison performance visualization for our system.

Other than scrubbing the dust off of the panel with a soft brush and a garden hose twice a year, I haven't done anything to the system this whole time. I want to install a transfer panel to feed generator power from my 2013 Prius to power my refrigerator and lights during PG&E (our local utility) Public Safety Power Shutoffs, which are becoming a regular thing during fire season since PG&E got sued for negligence. So I'm planning to ask for advice about how safe/compatible that project is with my existing kit, and I'm also interested in learning if there are ways to expand my system, as I have more roof area I could be using.

Joe, from Oakland

OaklandJoe system performance.jpg