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    Originally posted by PugPower View Post
    If they are the same price, go with the Enphase microinverters. That's my 2 cents.
    Interesting - I'd go with Solaredge over Enphase if it is the same price.

    Originally posted by [URL="https://www.solarpaneltalk.com/member/59732-naszero"
    naszer[/URL]o]However, how hard would it be to qualify the service panel upgrade for the rebate if it wasn't included in the system install?
    Do you mean is it OK to have multiple bills (fully documented) that are used for a single solar installation as far as the federal tax credit is concerned?
    Yes, you can have many bills/payments that make up a solar installation. (I probably have >20 bills/receipts for documentation for my installation. Mine is higher than most people since I was DIY, not buying turnkey installtion)
    Most advice I've seen says if it's really part of the solar installation, you can claim it. Just don't claim ridiculous stuff that isn't related. (ex. don't claim the foundation work you had done the same summer as being for solar)