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New participant. Intro: Have much to learn and a lot to forget!

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  • New participant. Intro: Have much to learn and a lot to forget!

    I've always been a DIY person. When I don't know the answer or the Code,, I try to get all the info I can and then do it right. I've been around for a while so 4 track tape players were my start. Drafted Vietnam - 100% disabled Vet. Then a radio broadcast engineer. FCC 1st radiotelephone - vacuum tube era! Worked for a year in NYC TA as signal maintainer HELPER. After broadcast did self employed audio video consulting for about 25 years. Heart Attack.

    Worked on cars, when distributors had points. Did mechanical, electrical and bodywork. Work on house, carpentry, light electrical, Audio Video specialties. Big dreams, tight budget. Planning some solar activity beyond 100 watt that's on my 2004 Sprinter Van. That's me!. Disabled but it's all internal, can't get around like I used to. Doc's tell me to sit around and wait to die. I'm stubborn. Die with boots on kind 'a soul. Just do everything slow now.


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    Hello TDCVA and welcome to Solar Panel Talk

    We are glad to have you.


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      TDCVA, thank you for your service. Solar has plenty of DIY opportunities, providing the research
      is adequate first. I owned a lot of points cars, built some electronic ignitions. Some here are Hams,
      tube equipment here goes back to 1938. So much new and affordable technology is now available
      for doing solar stuff. good luck, Bruce Roe K9MQG since 1958
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