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    Howdy, Just joined.
    Using old equip’t SunnyBoy 3000 & 16x Kyocera 170W Panels
    EV guy playing with feeding inverter from HV EV battery when grid goes down.
    Trying to get a Beacon Power M5 troubleshot today.
    Shortly to install off-grid in “marriage saver” tiny home for my wife Prob Victron or AIMS equip’t unless I can get the M5 going.
    Former HP and Military Electronics Technician Spectrum and Network Analyzers and related gear, Radiation Detection gear as well.

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    Welcome. There is a good thread here on someone who is using a Prius as a generator. I am using using a reconfigured Nissan Leaf pack with a 48 v Hybrid Inverter. "marriage savers" have a a good rate of return.
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    9 kW solar. Driving EVs since 2012


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      It's very hard using a MPPT inverter with a battery, since the MPPT cannot effectively " search" for the MPPT point, as a battery is too "Stiff" of a power source. Sometimes inserting a series ballast resistor (calculated to provide the right power) can help with the MPPT search.
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        Ampster, sounds like you rewired your Leaf pack for 48-60v? and Hybrid inverter, so then DC into the PV or the Generator input?
        We have a 2011 LEAF and a couple 2002/2003 Gen I Rav4-EV’s with NiMh packs.
        Sadly(for Nissan) the Rav’s have much more range than the Leaf.
        Anyways, I hope to install a dedicated 360VDC connector on the Rav’s to run an inverter for outages.
        And perhaps utilize the Chademo plug to do the same with the Leaf, though the battery is degraded so much it may not be worth it at this point.

        Mike, thanks for the mppt tip, I hadn’t thought of that at all.