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  • Hi, from Santa Cruz County

    Sorta new to this forum, I missed this area of posting, off gridder years now, started in communications repeaters years ago, small mountaintop solar to power communications, now completely solar, MidNite Classic's and MagnaSine, Rolls Surette batts, too much to list here, will create a profile soon. Mostly poking around for good info. David

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    Hello David and welcome to Solar Panel Talk


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      Thank you Sun Eagle, I hope to learn much here and share some of what I have learned over the years from the various forums...my specialties ....battery technologies...electrical systems , currently active on MidNite and NAWS forums. Poked around here and other power peeking for information. Born off gridder in backwoods Alaska! Currently using mostly MidNite in my systems. FLA sets. Experimenting with NiCd...NiFe Edison ED-80 NiCd and various Li tech, have small LiFePO4 set, LiLo and LiPo, small charger with BMS, iCharger i208B. Recovering batteries from dead...using 14 y.o. Surette S-530 recovered from 0.0 volts , now measuring like new.

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