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  • Greetings from Brazil

    Hello all, I live in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. I am not exactly new to this forum because have reading it for the last six months.

    But the reason I come now is that today my on-grid PV system finally started producing, which makes me proud.

    My system consists in 18 x 275W CS6K Canadian modules, divided in 2 strings of 9, totaling 4.95kW DC peak and 1 Fronius PRIMO 5.0-1 inverter.

    Modeling this system in SAM resulted in 7,440kWh/y. Brasilia is located at latitude 16 degree south and 3,000ft altitude. The estimated efficiency of the system is 4.12kWh/kW. This production offsets more than 100% of my current consumption, but my consumption is still increasing and I am planning buying a electric car in a few years.

    The overall cost, including no only these equipments but wires, mounts, installation and project for POCO, was US$ 1.90/W.

    This is the final cost for me since there is no rebates. But there are incentives from the government like exemption for importation and sale taxes on PV generators.

    Here POCO uses netmetering model, so all energy injected on grid and not used becomes kWh credits. This credits lasts for 60 months, which after that it expires. The compensation is made on a 1 to 1 basis.

    The investment is estimated to be paid in 8 years.
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    U.S. $ ?

    $1.90 for material and labor = turnkey or material only ?

    Tilt/Azimuth ? If close to horizontal, know that array cleanings will be required much more frequently. Horizontal or close to horizontal arrays turn into mud pans in short order.

    7,440 kWh/yr./4.95 STC kW = 1500 kWh/yr. per STC kW. While not bad, I'd have thought Brasilia would yield a higher specific annual output. What are the temps. like ?


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      Hi JPM, I've read lots of posts from you. I even downloaded and read solar power for dummies, although I am not new to solar energy.

      My contract was turnkey. The only thing to do was paying it in 4 instalments. After the project was aproved by POCO, my vendor could not order the panels and the inverter sold to me so they offered me an upgrade. My panels were changed from 270W to 275W and the inverter from 4000W to 5000W, both from the same line of products.

      The price is already in US$.

      In the pictures attached you can see panels arrays. One array is azimute 33 degree and the other is 213. The latter is poorly oriented but was the only place to put 9 panels without shading. SAM showed to me that this array produces 15% less than the other one on a year basis. Both arrays are 17 degree tilted.

      During the days temperature ranges from 70 to 90 degree F throughtout the year. Never snow and there are two clearly seasons, 6 months of rain and 6 month of drought.

      As for the efficiency, if the poor array had the same other orientation the system could produce 7.5% more.

      Now the next step is setup the inverter to push data to pvoutput.

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