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  • New here in central CT

    I just acquired a 4KW PV "kit".
    19 Sharp ND-224UC9BX panels
    Outback Flexmax 80
    Outback GVFX3524 inverter
    4 Powerjack PSWGT inverters

    I am on grid, so I shouldn't need batteries. I have enough room to ground mount these.

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    If you read the manuals for that Outback gear, you'll see that you will need batteries to make it work. If you really want to just go straight grid tie (probably the best financial choice), keep the panels, but sell the rest of it and start looking at grid tie inverters (Solaredge, Sma, fronius, Enphase, etc).
    CS6P-260P/SE3000 - http://tiny.cc/ed5ozx


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      Yes, grid tie makes the most sense. I ran a small setup while building my house, and the cost of batteries is a killer.
      While reading the manuals for the outback equipment, I was getting the idea they wanted batteries, and also, maybe not really grid tie, looks more like a backup / transfer switch setup. For backup, I have generators. 1 year in 15 I had to run one for about 6 days. We had two 3 day outages. Going to be hard to get any decent ROI to beat that, even though it happened when gas was $4.00/gallon..

      The cheapie looking powerjack inverters, are harder to decide, since crummy translation to English in the manuals.