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  • Hi guys I'm new here

    I'm in the middle of having a leased grid tie system being installed
    What my solar company is telling me contradicts the information I find on the internet.
    I'm leasing a 9kw grid tie system that is supposed to provide 14,000kw per year and they are going to put the panels up tomorrow.
    I'm a little upset because I was promised American panels with microinverters and they brought Q cell panels that I think are imports with power optimizers and a Solar Edge inverter.
    They are putting 34 260 watt panels but my no-knowledge calculation adds up to 35 360 watt panels to get the 9kw
    They are all east facing
    Also the inverter is a Solar Edge SE7600A-US.
    The specs I found at their webpage say 7600 watts output and 500 volts maximum input.
    Doesn't 9k of panels exceed both those numbers?
    I don't know if I should demand the microinverters over the Solar Edge setup that is already wired up
    The salesman says don't worry about it because they reimburse anything under the guaranteed 9kw
    I kind of all went south when their electrician came and did an electric panel upgrade and blew out all my kitchen lights and my oven and they're stalling on fixing it.
    The good news they through in a real nice roof that I had a quote for $17,000 dollars to do
    So what do you think, just let them install tomorrow?
    Thanks, this has been driving crazy

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    Hello Steve, welcome to the solar forum.


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      Thank you!