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    Originally posted by NateHornblower View Post

    I've read SP4D. It was a good and entertaining read. Thanks for the recommendation, J.P.M.

    I also ditched the SunPower idea. I had SP systems quoted, but as we know they're more expensive. The dealers that can get the best pricing are the "Master" dealers and they tend to be "All in" solar companies, i.e. where will they be after the bust shakes out? I wasn't comfortable with that.

    I've had a few quotes on non SunPower systems from a few local electrical contractors that have been around for decades. Price is close to $3.12/watt.

    8.91 DC kW
    27 LG 330's. SE 7600A w/ optimizers. $28k

    9.90 DC kW
    30 LG 330's. SE 5000A w/ optimizers + SE 3800H w/ optimizers. $31k

    Any advantage to using two smaller inverters instead of a single larger inverter on the larger system? Planning for future expansion (EV), does either inverter set up offer more flexibility?
    Thanx for the update. You're most welcome on the book ref. One other suggestion: Whatever system you wing up with, it'll probably last a long time. Get the roof under it inspected/serviced before panels get added. Cheap insurance you will not regret, particularly if some current or potential future problems show up. Chasing a leak under an array is next to impossible. Don't skimp on roof integrity or inspections. Very false economics.

    $3.12/Watt seems a good price. If the vendor is as good as you say, and one of the known quality local vendors, you'll be fine. Still, verify all steps and call them 1X/2X/week until install and make sure permits/approvals are in order, including HOA approvals. Then, sit on the roof and watch the process from a safe place. Trust but verify.

    Good luck.