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Happy to announce a new site in the Solar family, "Cut My Bill"

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  • Happy to announce a new site in the Solar family, "Cut My Bill"

    Hi Solar Panel Talkers,

    I'm Brendan Hart, and I'm the development lead for the team behind and We have happily sponsored SolarPanelTalk for many years and hope to do so for many more.

    We've been working on a new site that we hope will help American Consumers take even more control over their electric costs:

    This new site does two main things:[LIST=1][*]Gives details expert analysis of the various rate plans available for the largest utilities across the USA (already up to 78 utilities and we are working on adding more!)[*]Has a brand new "Electric rate plan cost comparison simulator" - we call this our [B]Rate Plan Calculator[/B][/LIST]
    The Rate Plan Calculator allows users to enter some basic data about their property location and utility provider, and will then run a sophisticated analysis of the expected power usage patterns for that property across a single summer day, and month by month across a full year, and then run a simulation for each electric rate plan available from the Utility.

    This will quickly show a user if they might be able to save $100's annually simply by switching to one of the new "time of use" rate plans that many utilities are introducing.

    After that, if the user is interested in continuing, we lead them through a full online solar system estimate, similar to the existing process on, and allow the user to request competitive quotes from top-rated solar installers in their local area.

    We are still working hard on improving the content and the quality of the system, so please let us know if you think we can improve anywhere!

    Thank you all and best Regards,

    Brendan Hart
    Cut My Bill - the best way to find out if you can save $100's just by switching electric rate plans!
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    Thank you for introducing yourself and explaining your mission here.

    That sounds fantastic
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