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Canadian Solar Panels

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  • Canadian Solar Panels

    Hi All,

    In this section people who have Canadian Solar Panels can post about their experiences. If you want to see reviews about Canadian Solar Panels or find a company that installs Canadian Solar Panels you can click on this link to

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    I'm a happy owner of 12 Canadian Solar CS6P-260P's. When I was shopping for my system, I had at one point thought that only dark mono panels would look good on my house. As I drove around my neighborhood and looked at more pictures online, I realized that the blue hue of poly panels can look very nice in a neutral southwest color scheme, especially with the black frame installed on black finished racking.

    They produce as much as any other panels in my area, including LG and Sunpower, and cost much less than those alternatives. Live data from the system is tracked on and linked here, if you'd like to see for yourself.



    CS6P-260P/SE3000 -


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      Cool thanks for the imput, they look nice and neat. Can you please check your PM's just got something to run past you, cheers


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        I have 32 Canadian Solar cs6x 310 panels I am very happy with them, they seem to perform very well, even in low light situations


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          I have 16 Canadian 220 panels 10are up and running 6 more stored when finish will have 20 in all cant say nothing but good bout them